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6 min readNov 23, 2022

We interrupt your regularly scheduled absence from broadcasting to bring you this announcement, whose sole purpose comprises the solicitation of freelance work for your intrepid narrator in the august hope of paying bills.

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The job hunt is a real pain.

When it comes to the application process, it’s hard enough to get your resume past the filters of ATS (applicant tracking system) algorithms and into the hands and eyes of a real, live human being.

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Next, you have an average of 5–10 seconds to capture their interest enough to elicit a response, let alone warrant a phone screen, much less secure the votes of confidence at each stage chain-linking up to the hiring manager’s final call.

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You face the herculean challenge to stand out against dozens, sometimes hundreds, of other applicants, especially when you’re applying for high-stakes, high-paying roles at the most desirable companies in the most lucrative industries, like management consulting, finance (investment banking, private equity, venture capital), and startups/tech.

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And look, I get it. Inflation is out of control. Recession or stagflation, the bottom line is we’re in a tight labor market. There are hiring freezes and layoffs at countless major firms — think blue-chip stocks, everyday household names.

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No matter your take on “quiet quitting”, the reality of skyrocketing cost of living expenses is undeniable, and the numbers don’t lie: “job hopping” is often the quickest, surefire path to higher pay (sources: Pew Research Center July 2022 Report; BBC; CNBC; Conference Board; Forbes)

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Make no mistake, your competition is stiff. You’ll be up against folks with:

  • more experience
  • better internships
  • bigger networks
  • greater prestige
  • and shinier shoes
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The American humorist, Will Rogers, famously quipped, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”.

How do you make yours count?

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Ten years ago, I was in the same position you might be today.

I was in the first few years of my career, looking to get my name out there.

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I sought an entry-level role at a highly selective, top-tier management consultancy, today the largest in the world.

I worried my non-target state school wouldn’t be impressive enough amongst other, more elite academic pedigrees.

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I looked for any advantage I could find, something to get an edge over the hundreds of other highly-qualified applicants.

I talked to a mentor. Someone I had trusted for years. He told me, “Sometimes you have to spend a little to make a lot”.

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At first, I didn’t understand what he meant. Then it hit me.

Most people default to writing and editing their own resume.

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They never have it checked by an expert, before sending it off, and hoping for the best.

Big mistake for them.

Bigger opportunity for me.

I took his advice, spending what seemed like a fortune at the time.

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$250 just for an edited resume! This didn’t even include the cover letter.

But guess what: I got the job, and my first paycheck dwarfed my (now small) investment.

Soon before long, I got the insider’s view of real-world hiring practices, exactly what companies look for in new hires.

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For the rest of this week, I’m helping a handful of young professionals perfect their resumes.

Let’s improve your chances of getting past the gatekeepers and into a job you love.

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I have openings for 20 more clients. But the clock is running.

All you have to do is email to get started.

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I’ll respond within the hour and we’ll begin with a few questions.

P.S. I’m confident I’ll get you more interviews and better offers. If you’re unsatisfied in any way, I’ll keep working with you on future revisions, free of charge. Unconditional guarantee, no questions asked. Total upside, zero downside risk.


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