Re: Slobodan Praljak

(Muslim Millennial Musings #1)

To hell with you, Praljak.
To hell with your defenders.
To hell with your enablers.
To hell with your financiers.
Good riddance. Rot in piss.

Closing Thoughts: Prayer

May God seize every criminal as only He can and has promised.

May God deliver justice to the oppressed as only He can and has promised.

May God protect, bless, and uplift the Bosnian Muslim people, their culture, children, land, language, and sovereignty, sanctify the memory of their dearly departed martyrs, and increase them and their progeny in all that is good, nearness to Him and His Pleasure.

May the eyes of cowards never sleep.

May the heavens quake with the sincerity of this prayer.


Self-aware title is self-aware. Note from the author:

August 2017. 4 years strong.


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